T-Bone Car Accident at St. Rose Parkway & Bermuda Leaves One Person Dead

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T-Bone Car Accident at St. Rose Parkway & Bermuda Leaves One Person Dead

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example t-bone auto car crash Another tragic auto accident has impacted our community here in Henderson, Nevada. On October 9, 2022, a member of our community sadly lost their life in an auto accident here in Henderson, and we send their family our sincerest heart-felt apology for the loss of their loved one.

T-Bone car accidents are the 5th most common type of car accident. Following a T-Bone car accident, the shock may make it hard to determine who the at-fault party or parties are.

After seeing this on the local news, I was compelled to write this week’s blog post. The term “T-Bone” derives its name from the “T” shape that is formed at the point of impact when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another car. These type of accidents most frequently occur in intersections.

In movies, there is a popular type of side-impact car accident scene where the camera is in the viewpoint of a passenger in the front seat of a car. All of a sudden, another vehicle comes racing toward the side of the car (into the camera) and crashes into the side of the car in a crushing impact. In reality, these accidents can shatter or even end the lives of the occupants inside.

The following is a list of our clients’ commonly asked questions when they have been involved in T-Bone collision:

  1. What Should I do First if I am Involved in a T-Bone Accident?
    Take photos – As I have written many times, immediately following any car accident you should check on the wellbeing of everyone involved and call for medical attention first if it is needed by dialing 911. Then you should start taking as many photos as possible of the vehicles, the occupants, the debris in the road and the traffic signs or signals. You should also ask any witness’ what they saw and obtain there contact information. Take photos of the license plate of any witness.
  2. How Will I Prove I am not a fault in a T-Bone Accident?
    Photos and witnesses – After you have checked on the physical well being of all drivers and passengers, take photos of the vehicles before they are moved. These photos must show the entire roadway around were the accident occurred including any traffic signals or signs. The location of the vehicles after impact will be critical at proving fault.
  3. What are the Most Common Causes of T-Bone Accidents?
    Failure to yield – Although there are many scenarios, the basic premise of a T-bone collision is that one of the drivers should not have entered the intersection. This often occurs when one driver is speeding and trying to “beat the light,” or if they were just going too fast to stop or sometimes even texting. Another common cause of T-bone accidents is when a vehicle turns into an intersection when it is not their turn. This often happens when a driver fails to observe stop signs, traffic signals, or red lights.
  4. What If I am in a T-Bone Collision Because My Brakes Failed?
    Have the car inspected and evidence preserve – If a T-bone collision results from a mechanical failure, then the manufacturer of the vehicle or its component auto parts may have legal liability for making and selling a defective product. Unlike other types of automobile accidents involving personal injuries, proving a defective part caused an accident requires different elements of proof. It will be necessary to preserve the defective vehicle for inspection before it is repaired.
  5. How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?
    You pay nothing out of pocket – At TheOneLawyer.com, you pay nothing until we collect money for your injuries. We also provide free case consultations for potential clients. At TheOneLawyer.com, we accept cases and represent victims based on a contingency fee basis. We do not charge accident victims or their families any money upfront. We only get paid as a percentage of the compensation we recover for our client.
  6. Should I Call the Police Following a T-Bone Accident?
    If you are not at fault for causing the accident, it is important to call the police immediately so that they can collect and preserve evidence of fault on the adverse drivers.
  7. What Should I Do If I am Injured in a T-Bone Accident?
    If you are injured in any motor vehicle accident, seek medical attention immediately. If you do not have health insurance, go to the level of care facility needed. For example, if your injuries are not life threatening, go to a quick care or your family doctor.
  8. How Common are T-Bone accidents?
    According to the Insurance institute of Highway Safety aka IIHS, (see: https://www.iihs.org/media/ebc9bd1f-2ca4-4fb9-b96e-f4165f331943/Jil-Xg/Ratings/Protocols/current/test_protocol_side.pdf) side-impact collisions accounted for 23 percent of vehicle occupant deaths in 2019, including passengers and drivers. The majority of all T-boned collisions occur at intersections. Sadly, these accidents claim thousands of lives every year and many here in our own community of Henderson, Nevada.
  9. What will a Lawyer Do for Me if I am in a T-Bone Accident?
    As experienced auto accidents attorneys, we will identify every party with potential legal liability for a T-bone car accident and seek damages against them on behalf of our client. We will also determine which of those parties has the money (either through insurance or assets) to pay damages and we will negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with each of those parties or pursue litigation to force them to pay damages.

Types of T-Bone Car Accident Injuries
Many of these accidents prove to be fatal, resulting in wrongful death (see our wrongful death lawyer represenation page for information). Occupants of the side-struck vehicle who survive a T-bone collision often face lasting physical and emotional trauma, not to mention the substantial financial burdens that an unexpected, catastrophic injury can impose upon a victim and their family.

For those who survive but are injured, they could miss days or even months from work and have thousands of dollars in medical and rehabilitation expenses. This may be true even if they fully recover. In addition, they may have a significantly damaged or totaled-vehicle, as well as additional expenses. In addition, our clients suffer loss of time with family and favorite activities. It isn’t uncommon for people to lose their job because of the injuries sustained in a severe car. T-bone accident injuries can also cause non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering or mental distress.

T-bone car accident victims should look for an experienced attorney who has represented dozens of clients in similar accidents. At TheOneLawyer.com, we have recovered compensation in hundreds of these cases.

Contact TheOneLawyer.com for Help With Your T-Bone Car Accident Claim
If you have been in a T-bone car accident or any accident, having an experienced car accident attorney for representation as the best way to give yourself the highest chance and likelihood of receiving maximum damages for your T-bone car accident injuries. At TheOneLawyer.com personal injury law firm, we provide complimentary case assessments for auto accident victims. A strong attorney-client relationship is important in fighting the insurance companies and we are here to help you understand your options and preserving your rights.

Laura Payne, Esq. is an experienced Nevada car accident attorney from TheOneLawyer.com. When you need legal advice or answers to your personal injury questions, you can reach our office at any time by calling (702) 450-4868, sending a text to (702) 600-0032 or submitting an online consultation request.

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