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A Personal Injury Law Firm with Real Results, PLLC is a boutique personal injury law firm led by top Henderson accident lawyer Laura Payne, Esq who is dedicated to meeting the accident representation needs of a select group of seriously injured clients with one thing in mind: getting you real results.

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What To Do at The Scene of An Accident

  1. Stop immediately to check if anyone needs immediate medical assistance.
  2. Take photos of the position of the vehicle before they are moved, if possible.
  3. Call 911 advise the operator of possible injuries.
  4. Take photos of the other driver at the scene.
  5. Take Photos of the vehicles including all damaged areas and license plates.
  6. Take a photo of the other driver’s insurance card and driver’s license.
  7. Stay calm and pleasant even if angry.
  8. If at all possible, drive your vehicle home, and if not possible – have it towed to your home, not a tow yard.
  9. Seek medical care for any pain you are having at a quick care, your family doctor or go to a hospital emergency room for serious injuries.
  10. Do not talk to the other driver’s insurance company – ever. Call 24/7 at (702) 450-4868 for answers to your questions. We have the experience, and we are here for you!

Why Us?

While all accident injury firms claim to work at getting you “the maximum settlement you deserve,” Laura’s clients benefit from her expertise that came from working on the insurance side for many years. This experience brought real insight and understanding of how insurance companies and their legal teams operate, and is the key difference in knowing when to fight and when to settle … how to settle, and for how much.

Expertise – When it comes to fighting for your rights, you need a personal injury law firm backed by real experience! As a prior insurance attorney combined with nearly 20 years as a personal injury attorney including extensive trial experience, I bring expert knowledge to each and every case. I am licensed to practice in California, Nevada, and Texas which means you get my expertise and diligent representation in all (3) states – rare among accident lawyers.

Access to Real Authority in Injury Law – Authority comes from experience, and my clients benefit from the many years I spent working on the insurance side of accident injury cases.

Availability – Contrary to some lawyers, I pride myself on providing full access and compassionate representation to each and every one of my clients. As a small law firm, you always speak directly with me including after business hours, and weekends – I am devoted to your personal injury representation!

Trusted for Expert Representation & Results – When it comes to handling the many difficult aspects of an unforeseen accident … time is of the essence, and trying to find a trustworthy law firm under the strain an accident puts on you and your family can be daunting to say the least!

The insight and understanding I bring to your personal injury case is paramount to fighting for your rights! It is the key difference-maker in knowing whether to settle, and for how much, or to take your case to trial!

My Henderson law firm is trusted for providing expert representation, and I obtain stellar results for clients!

The Experience You Need

When you’ve suffered injuries need a Henderson accident lawyer, you can count on Laura’s experience for the best possible outcome!

When it comes to Nevada personal injury lawyers, Laura has first-hand experience in exactly what insurance companies do to save money, and not pay claims. Insurance companies and corporations hire adjusters and their own attorneys to protect their business interests. Laura represented a major insurance company for nearly a decade, and not only worked for the insurance company but trained insurance adjusters on how to deal with a personal injury attorney. Many attorneys will advertise they have “insurance defense experience,” and this claim usually means they have a year, or sometimes less, of experience doing defense work.

When you are represented by our Henderson accident law firm, you benefit from Laura’s extensive and intimate knowledge of exactly how the insurance companies work. This experience allows her to maximize her client’s recovery and guide them through the claims and litigation process.

From motor vehicle accidents to slip and fall injuries, and more … it is important that you retain an injury attorney with true experience in the field. Let Laura’s years of working for the insurance company … work for you!

Contact Laura by phone at (702) 450-4868, or by text at (702) 600-0032, and by sending a secure request for consultation.

Contact me today - As a former insurance attorney, I have expert knowledge of how insurance companies operate, and I get you the best possible outcome for your case!

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